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Construction Scheme of Steel Structure Warehouses

Introduction to the content of the construction plan of steel structure warehouses:
1. Steel structure installation procedure
Steel column installation → Inter-column support installation → Temporary positioning of steel crane beam → Roof beam, roof support → Correction and fixation of steel crane beam, etc. → Maintenance structure installation, the installation process is as follows:
Second, steel column installation
(1) Due to the heavy weight and length of the steel column, it cannot be manufactured and transported at one time, so it is produced in sections and assembled on site as a whole and then hoisted. It is planned to divide the steel column into two sections. The steel column is transported to the site in two sections: the lower lattice section and the upper H-shaped steel column. The steel column weighs about 4 tons and the height is about 15 meters. The 50-ton truck crane can meet the lifting requirements, and is supplemented by a 25-ton truck crane.
(2) The hoisting adopts single machine rotary hoisting. Before hoisting, place a wooden square at the position of the steel column column foot plate to prevent the steel column from damaging the column foot plate during the lifting process. When the steel column is lifted, the crane should lift the hook while turning the arm to vertically lift the steel column from the ground, and put the column into the cup mouth.
With the fast growing of manufacturing industry, large steel structure is very much in demand. The unique advantages are high strength, capable of large span, environmental, seismic resistance etc. Its common applications are factory, warehouses, public buildings and other special application.
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