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Advantages of Steel Structure Architecture

Steel structure building refers that the main body is made by section steel and steel members which are connected by the welding, rivets or bolts, and using various light building materials as enclosure systems.
Actively and steadily promoting steel structure buildings and advocating the development of modern wood structure buildings when conditions permit are of great significance for saving resources and energy, reducing pollution and carbon emissions, improving the seismic performance of buildings and promoting the modernization of the construction industry. Developing the forest industry is to resolve the excess steel production capacity.
Advantages of Steel Structure Architecture:
1. Save materials and protect the environment. Compared with the reinforced concrete structure, the steel structure column has a small cross section and the thickness  wall , thus the service area can be increased by 5%-8%,then the land utilization rate is correspondingly improved. Steel structure buildings and components can be manufactured in factories and assembled on site within less wet operation and construction noise, especially this way can reduce the emission of pollutants and carbon, which is beneficial to urban environmental management and environmental protection and can reduce the emission of construction waste effectively.
2. Accelerate construction. As a system integration building for factory production and on-site assembly construction, steel structure construction has the advantages of short construction period, early investment recovery period, high capital utilization rate, and effective improvement of project quality and management level.
3. Good anti-seismic function. Steel has good strength and ductility. Under the action of earthquake, steel structure can not only minimize the damage energy, but also has the ability to resist strong earthquake deformation. Steel structures have light deadweight. Compared with reinforced concrete structures,it has the deadweight ratio of the two types of structures.



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