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Indonesian dock shed


DESEN Engineering CO.Ltd is located in the 50,000-ton all-weather wharf shed project in Moravari Park, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. It is 55 meters high in the sea and the total height of the building is 60 meters. It is extremely difficult and the task is extremely difficult.  Sulawesi Island is a large island in central Indonesia.

There are many high mountains and deep valleys, few plains, and the topography is complex and changeable. The island is located in the convergence zone of Sunda and Pacific Island Arc. The tectonic movement is active and earthquakes occur for a long time, which brings no small challenge to the construction task.  In addition, affected by this year's newly crowned pneumonia epidemic, the epidemic situation on Sulawesi Island is also very severe, which further worsens the orderly progress of construction projects.  In spite of this, under the influence of severe weather, extreme shortage of materials and the triple impact of the new crown epidemic situation, the construction party still maintained its good quality of reputation first and its fine style of going up against difficulties, organized the construction in an orderly way and completed the project tasks on a regular basis.  It was highly appraised by the owner



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