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Steel structure mechanical correction

Sketch Map of mechanical corrections jobs of H - shaped steel

1.  Redeploy the H-beam steel to roller rack of the correction machine.

2.  Try correcting firstly. Determine the height and tightness of correction roller position on both sides; Start the correction after confirmation.
3.  Trying correcting test:Test the component flatness of the wing panels after correction to prevent excessive correction.
4.  Normal correction: according to the sheet thickness and the deformation size, select the appropriate number of Correction. Correction amount is no more than 5mm each time, so the sheets with severe deformation need multiple corrections back and forth .
5. Self tests : At the time of correction, self tests should be made at any time. Test the flatness of the wing plates and webs; flip 180 degrees to redress the other wing plate after the correction has been qualified.Test the flatness of the wing plates, webs and section diagonals after completing the above step.
6.  Hoist the H - beam steel that has gone through correction out of the  roller carrier, and report to the inspectors to inspect; vertical degree of flange is not more than 3mm. When the web thickness t≥14, web focal plane dimension is not more than 2mm; When the web thickness t<14 , web focal plane dimension is not more than 3mm.



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