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Indonesia Raw Material Greenhouse Regular Meeting

In the same day, the wind and the moon share the wind and rain. In the face of this global disaster, the Indonesian project department quickly took action.

For overseas epidemic prevention and control, we have to make the best preparations and the worst plan. Once infected, we must immediately take proper care of them." At the company’s overseas epidemic prevention and control work meeting held on June 12, the company’s general manager released the overseas epidemic situation again. Prevention and control work.

Comprehensively strengthen the ideological and political education of epidemic prevention and control. Let every overseas employee understand the knowledge of prevention and control, raise awareness of prevention and control, scientifically protect, do a good job of ideological and political work and psychological counseling of overseas employees, guide overseas employees to establish a belief in winning, unite and fight against the epidemic, and unite their ambitions into a city. Go all out to overcome the strong positive energy of hard times.

Through the publicity column and the WeChat public account, the project department tweeted and released the epidemic prevention and control knowledge in a timely manner. The person in charge of the project site personally demonstrated the correct method of "seven steps" of washing hands and wearing masks, and conducted a lecture on epidemic prevention knowledge for foreign employees together with local translators. Special lectures on anti-epidemic measures were also held to increase employees' awareness of the epidemic situation and improve their anti-epidemic capabilities.



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