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Steel Structure Workshop Manual locking operation schematic of H - shaped members

1. Based on the drawing size, select the appropriate template for underlining;(Change the color of lock catch to make it consistent with the back and indicate what kind of conditions need doing so? General light - weight steel of H - shaped members have special locking machine.)

2. Select hand - cut knife to cut based on the drawn line; When cutting, try to ensure that the cutting surface is smooth and the cuts are shallow. ( cutting compensation: in the case of the plate thickness is less than 20mm, compensate 2mm, while in the case of that is over 20mm, compensate 3mm.)

3. For the blind area failed to be cut off, select gouging to clear and then sand to get level or directly grind, but don't damage the parent material.

4. Start grinding after the gas cutting , ensuring that the depth of the cut line is less than 0.3 mm, and local gap depth is 1.0mm, and cutting surface flatness is 0.05t, and no more than 2.0 mm.



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